Public Confessions of a Public Servant

August 19, 2010 - One Response

Creator Missie Peters tells us why we should check out

Public Confessions of a Public Servant

at the

For anyone who has ever suffered the horrors of cubicle life comes Public Confessions of a Public Servant, a brand-new show that combines poetry and theatre to tell the adventures of one young public servant.

“Well, I’ve worked for nine ministries in three years – that’s a record,” said writer and performer Missie Peters. “This show is a combination of real-life stories and poems inspired by my experience as a public servant.”

Directed by Atomic Vaudeville’s Alex Wlasenko, Public Confessions is Peters’ first solo show. Whimsical, irreverent and entertaining, Public Confessions follows Peters as she navigates the bureaucracy and shares her tips on staying sane in government.

Missie Peters is a Victoria-based poet and improviser. She is a two-time Victoria poetry slam champion, a member of Tongues of Fire, one-half of the improvised spoken word duo SpeakEasy and the director of Not Your Grandma’s Poetry Productions.

The Victoria Fringe is an eleven-day, un-juried international theatre festival, featuring over sixty comedy, drama, dance, and spoken word companies from around the world in fifteen downtown venues.

Public Confessions of a Public Servant

Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St

Tickets $11.00 Visa buttons $2.00

Show Times:

Thursday, August 26 6:15pm

Sunday, August 29 4:00pm

Tuesday, August 31 6:15pm

Wednesday, September 1 8:00pm

Friday, September 3 6:15pm

Saturday, September 4, 2:45pm

To find out more about Missie Peters visit

For ticket and show information visit

Robin Hood

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ITSAZOO Productions is pleased to present Robin Hood, an outdoor Promenade Show. Robin Hood follows an ITSAZOO tradition of 6 summers of critically acclaimed, sold-out productions (Grimm Tales, The Road to Canterbury, Alice in Wonderland, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream). This irreverent and modern adaptation of Robin Hood runs Aug 4-19 in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Robin Hood is a social/political satire inspired and influenced by everything from Bread and Puppet Theatre and Bertolt Brecht to South Park and The Colbert Report. The story follows a group of social activists who live and work amongst the transients of a tent city located in an urban park. The need for social programs is at an all-time high, however the government has allocated all its resources to a commerce-driven sporting event. So the activists take matters into their own hands. The audience literally follows the merry men as they ‘Steal from the Rich to give to the Poor’.

Robin Hood opens Thursday, August 5 at 7:00 pm, and runs nightly through until the 7th. It then runs August 10-14 and 17-19. All performances take place in Queen Elizabeth Park. Meet at the Bloedel Conservatory. Tickets are $ 17/13, plus HST, and can be purchased in person from the Bloedel Conservatory. For information call 778-888-2435 or visit

Twelfth Night

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The cast of Twelfth Night tell you why you should see their show.

Written by: William Shakespeare

Directed by: Tariq Leslie

Starring: Adam Bergquist, Trevor Devall, Paul Herbert, Yurij Kis, Courtney Lancaster, Tariq Leslie, Dave Campbell, Ashley O’Connell, John Prowse, Bronwen Smith, Michael Smith and Lori Triolo

Presented by: What You Will Equity Co-op (link)

Twelfth Night starts with a stormy night and a shipwreck, followed by cunning capers, concealments and mistaken identities: all resulting in a love tangle to rival no other, and a whole heap of mischief and mayhem in Shakespeare’s most captivating comedy. To anyone who has experienced the suddenness of love, Twelfth Night will always resonate.

“Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare’s finest comedies, and with good reason,” says Tariq Leslie, director. “It’s a rich delicious jewel, full of love and light, which also pierces with exquisite agony. Twelfth Night explores love in all its touching and absurd extremes; love that is exotic and familiar, and aching with desire.”

Opens Friday, July 2nd at 8 pm, and runs through until Saturday, July 24 (Mondays and Tuesdays dark).

There will be two previews: June 30 and July 1, all tickets for these shows are $1.

Regular tickets are $20, or $15 for Seniors, Students, Equity and UBCP, and are available though Tickets Tonight, or 604.684-2787, or through Jericho Arts Centre: (604) 224-8007

Wednesdays are pay-what-you-can, available at the door, cash only.

There will be only one matinee: Tuesday, July 6 at 2pm.

All performances take place at the Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery St.


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Performers Benjamin Miller and Chris Nash tell us why we should see


A musical by Stephen Schwartz & John-Michael Tebelak

Directed by Sarah Rodgers, with Musical Direction by Nelson Boschman.

featuring Ron Reed, Kaitlin Williams, Joel Stephanson, Shalyn McFaul, Benjamin Miller, and many more!

Produced by Pacific Theatre (link)

The Gospel According to Saint Matthew as you’ve never seen it before! Pacific Theatre celebrates the greatest story ever told with one of the most popular musicals ever staged

– a sparkling new “Revised Version” that brings all the heart and hilarity of the original with glorious new musical arrangements. Singing! Dancing! Sheep! Goats! Thou shalt be thrilled!!

May 28 – July 3

Tuesdays-Saturdays 8pm, Saturday matinees 2pm

Check out our regular ticket prices

Buy tickets online here

Preview May 27, 8pm, PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN at the door! ($11 advance)

Opening May 28, 8pm

Talk Back Night – discussion with artists Friday, June 4

Stripes: The Mystery Circus

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Sarah Hayward tells us why we should see

Stripes: The Mystery Circus

Written by: Sarah Hayward

Music Arrangements by: Marguerite Witvoet

Coached by: Marguerite Witvoet and Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

Produced by: Mystery Circus Media (link)

Stripes: The Mystery Circus is a play about an audition that humorously and touchingly goes awry. People-pleasing Pollyhymnia will do anything to get into the circus as she launches into eight out-of-this-world circus acts. The Escape Artist becomes the woman evading romantic capture, The High Wire Act becomes the High Wired Act, The Juggler is juggling the demands of care giving. Secret theories, mysteries and Leonard Cohen are just a few of Pollyhymnia’s passions. In this metaphysical musical, Pollyhymnia finds her way through song, memories and sheer determination.

Last chance to see Stripes in Vancouver before its New York debut!

Moberly Arts & Culture Centre

Friday May 28th at 8pm

Saurday May 29th at 8pm

Sunday May 30th at 2pm

Tickets $15 adults; $10 students

Tickets available at the door

7646 Prince Albert St.

(one block east of Fraser St.; south of 59th), Vancouver

Phone 604-718-6521

Plan B

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Jacques Lalonde, France Perras and Adam Henderson tell us why we should see

Plan B

Written by: Michael Healey

Directed by: Bill Devine

Starring: Adam Henderson, France Perras, Howard Siegel and Jacques Lalonde.

Presented by: Sea Theatre (link)

High-level meetings to negotiate the departure of Québec from Canada are charged by personal impulses toward seduction and betrayal, union and division, intimacy and distance. The action takes place in a hotel bedroom and a boardroom – a private space and a public space. Music, humour, sex and politics are the key metaphors in this truly Canadian farce.

Friday, May 14-29, at 8 pm  (Sunday and Monday nights dark).

There will be one pay-what-you-can preview on May 13, and one Saturday matinee at 2pm on May 29.

All performances are at Presentation House Theatre (333 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver).

Tickets are $22/28, except Tuesdays, which are 2-for-1.

Tickets are available at the Presentation House Box Office: 604.990.3474 or

Bridge Mix

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Ryan Hauser, Chelsea Haberlin and David Benedict Brown tell us why we should get out to

Bridge Mix

9 Theatre Companies + 1 Parking Garage = Bridge Mix

Produced by: ITSAZOO Productions and Enlightenment Theatre

Bridge Mix is a project designed to unify emerging theatre companies through a shared public presentation in a found space in the city of Vancouver. The companies include: ITSAZOO Productions, Enlightenment Theatre, Tiger Milk Collective, Upintheair Theatre, Genus Theatre, Spectral Theatre, Slam Ink, SNAFU, and the Peter and Chris Show. Each company will perform an original, 10-minute installation. The audience will be led through out the parkade to observe how each scene integrates this urban backdrop and converts it into a performance space. Bridge Mix will also feature music and a roving bar.

Each of the pieces will reflect, in some way, the environment in which they are performed: a parking garage in Downtown Vancouver.

For example, Spectral Theatre’s segment, Eastside Ghosts, is about an east Vancouver predator haunted by the ghosts of his victims. It is designed to challenge and confront the audience about the plight of women in the eastside and hopefully create a discussion about empowerment and solutions. The Vancouver comedy duo of Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone will riff on The Soloist. Their piece tells the story of a journalist desperately searching for his own “prophetic bum,” but finding the opposite in a man whose less than epic tale hilariously unfolds for the audience.

ITSAZOO continues to explore the role of the clown in the urban landscape with its first foray into horror.  A young businessman, returning to his car after an office party, finds himself caught in a nightmare scenario when he innocently stomps on a balloon. Unfortunately, the parkade housing his car is populated by sinister clowns who don’t take kindly to stomped balloons.

Finally, Tiger Milk Collective will present a piece about memory, and Enlightenment Theatre will draw inspiration directly from its surroundings by presenting a situation in a parking garage. Which sounds like it might not be a big deal, but is it?

May 6 – 8 & May 11-15 at 8 pm

There will be a pay-what-you-can preview on May 5.

All performances take place at the Metro Parkade, 1070 W Pender St.

Tickets are $14-18, and are available at, or for cash only at the door.

At the Corner of Virtue and Sexmore

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Producer William Maranda and Director Elizabeth McLaughlin tell us why we should see

At the Corner of Virtue and Sexmore

A Serendipitous Farce

Where the chase for virtue becomes a stampede of desire

Written by: William Maranda

Directed by: Elizabeth McLaughlin

Starring: Kate Bennison, J.P. McGlynn, Marita Eason, Matt Kennedy, Jeffrey Flieler, Meeshelle Neal and Patrick Germain

Produced by: William Maranda Productions (link)

Seven Characters find themselves at the same crossroads, in the same Hotel, desperate to change the path they are on but unsteady in the step they must take.

One man wants to hold a sex marathon. Another has never been kissed before. But when the celibate housewife wants nothing to do with him, he turns to the hotel’s recovering sex addict for help.

Meanwhile an old woman with her walker is preparing to die in her last orgasm and the hopelessly romantic librarian is trying to see the virtue in it all. All of this might be go un- noticed if it weren’t for the landlady, Della Casa, who keeps a close (but blind) eye on the ‘goings on’ of her once virtuous hotel. In the end, only one prophecy is clear,

“There will always be Action at the V&S!”

Studio 16

1545 West 7th Ave, at Granville

April 23 – May 7, 2010

Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat @ 8pm Sat,Sun @ 2pm

Adult $18
Students/Seniors/Equity Members $16
Matinees $14


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Director Peter Boychuk and Playwright Sean Minogue tell us why we should see

Written by: Sean Minogue (link)

Directed by: Peter Boychuk

Starring: Timothy Johnston, Tara Pratt, Abby Renee Creek, Aslam Husain, Brandyn Eddy and Jameson Parker

Presented by: Twenty-Something Theatre (link)

From the producers who brought you last summer’s sold-out production of Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love comes a brand new play about the trials of life and love in a small town. In a small bar in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, six young underachievers await the results of a murder trial that’s hit close to home. Their world of drinking, sarcasm and missed opportunities is flipped upside down when a former friend returns from Toronto to testify in the trial, reopening old wounds and creating some new ones as well.

This production of Prodigals is part of Twenty-Something Theatre’s annual SPOTLIGHT production that features one local emerging artist and gives them the opportunity to shine. This year’s SPOTLIGHT production features up-and-coming Vancouver playwright Sean Minogue.

Sean Minogue is a Vancouver-based screenwriter, journalist and playwright. His work frequently appears in The Georgia Straight, where he covers developments in the local film and television scene. A native of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Sean studied literature at Carleton University and screenwriting at Vancouver Film School. He writes for children’s animated television, analyzes screenplays for Telefilm, and has a growing obsession with the future of writers in an age of digital content. Prodigals is his first play.

April 27 – May 2, 2010

Havana Theatre, 8pm

Ticket Information: $20 Regular. Discount Tickets: $15 for 35 & under and 65 & older (with valid id). $10 Preview.

Tickets available at the door or from Tickets Tonight at or at 604-684-2787.


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Performers Luisa Jojic, Kathleen Pollard, Simon Driver and Jordan Bodiguel tell us why we need to see


Written and directed by: Jeremy Waller

Starring: Luisa Jojic, Kathleen Pollard, Jordan Bodiguel, and Simon Driver

Presented by: Craning Neck Theatre (link)

How is trauma transmitted through time and blood?

Seeking revenge for years of abuse, Holick locks himself inside the physical manifestation of the trauma his father suffered during the Second World War. As his father’s psychosis becomes more dangerous, Holick becomes trapped in a phantasmagorical nightmare.

A story about personal catastrophe and communal redemption, Trunk, is written and directed by Jeremy Waller (director of last year’s controversial smash hit, Biographies of the Dead & Dying).

Trunk will transform Box Studios into an unhinged Alice in Wonderland world, totally immersing the audience in a site-specific location of the sub-conscious. The set, designed by Edith Artner and lit by Kyla Gardiner, will be constructed largely from moving scaffolding, giving Trunk a dynamic of height and depth to support Waller’s compelling, visual imagination. The production also features original music and soundscore by David Meshia.

Trunk is sexy, violent theatre that turns over the hard packed earth of our waking states and in the process examines the deepest secrets we carry.

April 9 – 17 8:00pm

Box Studios; 1622 Franklin Street (1 block west of Commercial & Hastings)

Tickets are $15.00. To reserve call 778 846 8776