Grimm Tales

Playwright/Cast Member Sebastien Archibald and Director Chelsea Haberlin tell us why we should see their play

Grimm Tales

An ITSAZOO Production (official site)

Written by Sebastien Archibald

Directed by Chelsea Haberlin

Take a walk through the deep, dark and lovely woods of Mount Douglas Park as ITSAZOO Productions brings a modern adaptation of the classic fairytales of the brothers Grimm to life.

Written by Sebastien Archibald, Grimm Tales takes audiences on a magical journey through the Enchanted Forest with rookie tour guides Hansel and Gretel on their first day of work for the Greater Enchanted Forestry Board. Along the way they encounter the fascinating inhabitants of the fantastical fairytale kingdom. Underscored and accompanied by the Bremen Town Musicians, audiences are re-introduced to the classic tales of the Frog Prince, Rumplestiltskin, Rapunzel and Briar Rose in a farcical and contemporary context. However, when Hansel and Gretel find themselves off of the assigned path and lost, they begin to discover “the woods are lovely, dark and deep”.

Grimm Tales unique outdoor theatre approach adds to the vibrancy of the Victoria theatre scene by providing audiences with the opportunity to appreciate art in harmony with the natural beauty of Vancouver Island,” states ITSAZOO co-artistic director, Chelsea Haberlin, who directs the show. ITSAZOO’s mandate is to create theatre in unconventional and found spaces.

The original production of Grimm Tales was the 2007 winner of ‘Best New Play’ in both the Victoria Critics Choice Awards and Monday Magazine ‘M’ Awards.

July 17-August 2, 2008

In Victoria at Mount Douglas Park

Tuesday through Saturday at 7pm – Saturday Matinee at 2pm

To reserve tickets in Victoria call (250) 382-6162

August 14 – 30, 2008

In Vancouver at Queen Elizabeth Park

Tuesday through Sunday at 7pm

To purchase tickets in Vancouver call the Bloedel Conservatory – (604) 257-8584

Tix: Children under 12 – $10

Under 30 – Over 65 – $13

Adults – $15


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