Black Holes vers. 2.0

Members of the Spectral Theatre Society tell us what’s so great about


An All-New Trilogy of Sci-Fi for the Stage

Written and Directed by: Michael Cope, Blake Drezet, Desmond Hussey and Simon C. Hussey.

The segment Contact Point written by Theodore R. Cogswell and George Rae Cogswell and adapted by Desmond Hussey.

Starring: Vaughn Jones, Kurtis Maguire, Seth Little, Desmond Hussey, Blake Drezet, Andrew Lefevre, Duncan Shields, JC Roy, Kevin Miller, Dawn Henderson, Daniel Mark Patterson, Devan Vancise, Nyla Carpentier and Sica Leroux.

Select visuals effects and video mixing by: VJ Kinotropy.

Following the tradition of the first Black Holes, Spectral Theatre is presenting a brand new trilogy of exciting and thought-provoking science fiction tales written specifically for a live audience. Set in the dark and intimate confines of Spectral Studio, there will be no escape.  For science fiction fans, or anyone who likes their theatre innovative and unpredictable, this will be a show not to miss.

So, come all you seekers of the bizarre, the fantastic, and the speculative. Watch the future unfold before your eyes!  Laugh at the ironic fates of humankind! Thrill at the sheer spectacle of it all as we explore the myriad landscapes of our possible future, and come out the other side, a little scorched but even more alive.

Opens on February 17th at Spectral Theatre Studio, 350 Powell Street and runs Tuesday through Saturday until March 7th, 2009.

Tickets $15 (Tuesdays are 2 for 1) Doors at 7:30 PM show at 8:00 PM.

WARNING: This show contains scenes and images that some viewers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.

Please call 604-569-2013 or e-mail


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