Director Brendan Albano and the cast and crew of


Written by: Don Nigro

Directed by: Brendan Albano

Starring: Nathan Cottell, Benjamin Hanson, Hamilton Holland, Laura McLean, Emma Middleton, David Millar, Alicia Novak, Fiona Revill, Cameron Sheppard, Sarah Stupar, Andrey Summers, and Helen Wrack-Adams

Presented by: The UBC Players Club (link)

“There is a special place in hell reserved for liars and beautiful women. I hope to go there when I die.”

Armitage opens with a ticking clock, but time is fluid within the walls of Pendragon House. The pages of Margaret Cornish’s diary bring to life moments time between 1804 and 1863. Ghosts walk the floors and memories come to life before our eyes as we meet Zachary Pendragon, his son John, John’s halfsister Elaine, and the beautiful Eva Trelawney, among others. Past and present blur as the diary reveals the struggle to reconcile life in the face of incest, murder, and deceit. Family secrets and personal anguish unwind into a Gothic epic with family drama of Grecian proportions. Others rage, hurt, lie, and withdraw; Margaret writes.

Presented by the Player’s Club as part of UBC’s Centenary celebrations, Armitage is helmed by UBC Theatre and Visual Art student Brendan Albano. The club seeks to bring together UBC students and members of the community to create professional-quality theatrical works. “I am excited to have one foot on campus and one foot off with this production,” says Albano. “I want to push the limits of what student-led theatre can be, and I hope that this is just the beginning.” Engaging performers from UBC, Studio 58, VFS, School Creative, AADA and Capilano University as well as working actors, The Players Club continues to reach out to the community by choosing an off-campus venue for one of its most challenging productions to date.

Runs February 24th to February 28th at the Havana Theatre (1212 Commercial Drive). Tickets $12 /$15 and available at

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