Dying City

Director Ben Ratner tells us all the good reasons to see

Dying City

Written by: Christopher Shinn

Directed by: Ben Ratner

Starring: Carrie Ruscheinsky and Adam Lolacher

Presented by: Late Show Productions Equity Co-op

Dying City follows Kelly, who lost her husband, Craig, to the Iraq War a year before. Despite being a therapist, Kelly has successfully buried her grief, until a literal reminder, Peter, Craig’s identical twin brother, shows up unannounced at her door. Grief and guilt collide, and questions for which there are no answers are asked.

Ben Ratner (Moving Malcolm, Mt. Pleasant, Last Wedding, Da Vinci’s City Hall) directs. “It’s about things I understand intimately,” he says, “such as the quest for authenticity as an artist, a fascination with the perplexity of human behavior, losing a brother, and the need to overcome and re-channel dark thoughts. But it’s also about things I know very little about — particularly the devastating effects of war on both society and the individual. I hope our audience will recognize themselves and their own highs and lows in this production, while also catching a glimpse into a violent world that seems very far away, but resides in all of us.”

Opens Wednesday, May 6, at 8 pm, then runs May 8-10, 12-16 (dark May 7 & 11)

There will be one pay-what-you-can preview on Wednesday, May 6, and Tuesday, May 12 will be a two-for-one.

Tickets are $20, and are available at Biz Books (302 W Cordova St), or online at http://www.stubmatic.com/dyingcity.

All shows take place at Little Mountain Studios, 195 East 26th Avenue (at Main Street).

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