Spectral Theatre’s Late-Night Double Feature

Directors Desmond Hussey and Michael Cope on the current edition of


Step right up! Spectral Theatre’s Late-Night Double Feature is back for another season of weirdness! Each month, all throughout the summer we’ll present two terrifying tales for one frighteningly low-price!!! THIS is theatre folks! Pure spectacle! A once in a lifetime…not to be missed…B-movie inspired, sci-fi, horror, high-camp, gore extravaganza! This time around we’ve got smoke machines, killer clowns, sexy Russian babes, flesh-tearing monsters, giant tentacles, demon-possessed wheelchairs and beer. Face it, there’s no place on Earth you’ll get this level of entertainment for ten measly bucks! And the best part is the show begins at 10:00 PM; so you’ll have time to go home, get cleaned up, have dinner and make it to the venue in time to get your pre-show buzz on!

For the month of April we have…

Two unfortunate gentlemen encounter a living Phoenix at a remote research station in Russia in…

Birds of Tunguska written by Andrey Summers, directed by Michael Cope. Featuring Julian Paul, Andrey Summers, Fiona Revill, Vincent Riel and Julianne Appleton.


A pair of fur-trappers and a priest try to fend off the “demons” of winter in the remote Canadian wilderness in…

The Windigo written by Blake Drezet, directed by Desmond Arthur Hussey. Featuring Sean MacPherson, Vincent Riel, Vaughn Jones and Jason Cyr.

Stage Managed by Helen Wrack-Adams.

Performance dates are…

Week 1 – April 9th, 10th and 11th
Week 2 – April 16th, 17th and 18th
Week 3 – April 23rd, 24th and 25th

Doors at 9:30 PM Show at 10:00 PM.

Spectral Theatre Studio
350 Powell Street

Tickets $10.

Check out “Threesome Thursdays”! Two of you pay and if you bring a third, they get in for free! (What happens after is none of our business ; )

It’ll fill up fast so book your tickets early by calling 604 569 2013 or e-mailing us at info@spectraltheatre.com.

The venue is teeny-tiny, 30 – 34 seats max! We strongly urge you to reserve your seats for this one folks! : )

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