Fringe Bump: Tape

Daniel Arnold, Marisa Smith and Matthew Kowalchuk respond to the question “why should we see your Fringe show?”


Written by: Stephen Belber

Directed by: Amiel Gladstone

Starring: Daniel Arnold, Matthew Kowalchuk and Marisa Smith

Presented by: Alley Theatre (link)

Sponsored by: The Waldorf Hotel

Venue: BYOV: The Waldorf Hotel, 1489 East Hastings (2 blocks West of Commercial), Room 117

Vince (Daniel Arnold), a dope dealer and volunteer fireman, and Jon (Matthew Kowalchuk), his best friend from high school, have come to town to see Jon’s movie screen at the local film festival. The two friends meet in Vince’s motel room and things heat up when they start talking about Amy Randall (Marisa Smith), Vince’s high school sweetheart, who now works in town as a prosecution attorney and is planning to meet Vince that night. Accusations fly and a confession is caught on tape as the three old friends battle over the details of an event that has haunted them all for the past ten years.

Part of the Fringe’s Bring Your Own Venue Series, TAPE will be staged in Room 117 of the Waldorf Hotel. With seating for 18 persons max this performance will be truly intimate and unique. No black-outs, no transitions. This is live theatre, as real as it gets.

September 10-13 and 15-20

Performances at 7pm and 9pm
Sunday performances at 2pm and 4pm

Click here for the official Fringe site


3 Responses

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  3. pretty cool. Hey isn’t that one guy from the rimmy’s place video?

    and the one chick is hot, but the other one should have covered her breasts i think.

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