Gift of Screws

Writer/Director Bill Marchant tells us why we don’t want to miss


Written and Directed by: Bill Marchant

Starring: Stephen Park, Matt Fentiman, Nadine Wright, Dan Letto, Blaine Nosworthy, Karston Borst, Lars Callsen, Shane Michael Leydon and Jordie Jacura

Produced by: Cheryl Smith and Simon Ogden

Presented by: Bill Marchant Presents (link)

Bill Marchant has written and directed numerous short films and plays, including Clown Elections, A Cure for Happiness, the epic family drama Ashes and will present his latest – Gift of Screws at the Jericho Arts Centre opening October 6 thru to October 17, 2009. It’s two one–act plays bundled into one that explores where art and fascism meet.

Marchant is a gifted writer who brings awareness to those issues that go unspoken but need to be explored with humour and provocative flair. If you saw Ashes, family reunions will never be the same. One reviewer was moved to claim, “While it is never stated, we cannot help but think the power of the piece comes from a very personal and real space for Marchant and we are all better for having been able to share this with him.” Gift of Screws is an expertly crafted piece that ignites the inner voice and unleashes the deeply hidden where no one wants to explore. Bringing words off a page to life and giving them their due. Marchant states:

The immediate and electric experience of the live stage allows us to get to the very marrow of human experience. No place to run or hide. It is us at our most human. Free and fun and terrifying and true.

Marchant’s last production, Ashes, played to packed and enthusiastic houses while his previous play, Clown Elections was a hit with the crowds and winning unanimous praise from critics. Gift of Screws will have an immense impact on its audiences, full of surprises, humour and a jolting perspective on the human condition.

Tuesday to Saturday, October 6 to 17 at 8:00 pm.

Ticket prices $15 for seniors and students and $20 for adults. Two for One Tuesdays.

Coarse Language – Nudity – Strong Adult Themes.

Tickets are available through Jericho Box Office at 604-224-8007 or for more info please visit

Additional show info at


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