At the Corner of Virtue and Sexmore

Producer William Maranda and Director Elizabeth McLaughlin tell us why we should see

At the Corner of Virtue and Sexmore

A Serendipitous Farce

Where the chase for virtue becomes a stampede of desire

Written by: William Maranda

Directed by: Elizabeth McLaughlin

Starring: Kate Bennison, J.P. McGlynn, Marita Eason, Matt Kennedy, Jeffrey Flieler, Meeshelle Neal and Patrick Germain

Produced by: William Maranda Productions (link)

Seven Characters find themselves at the same crossroads, in the same Hotel, desperate to change the path they are on but unsteady in the step they must take.

One man wants to hold a sex marathon. Another has never been kissed before. But when the celibate housewife wants nothing to do with him, he turns to the hotel’s recovering sex addict for help.

Meanwhile an old woman with her walker is preparing to die in her last orgasm and the hopelessly romantic librarian is trying to see the virtue in it all. All of this might be go un- noticed if it weren’t for the landlady, Della Casa, who keeps a close (but blind) eye on the ‘goings on’ of her once virtuous hotel. In the end, only one prophecy is clear,

“There will always be Action at the V&S!”

Studio 16

1545 West 7th Ave, at Granville

April 23 – May 7, 2010

Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat @ 8pm Sat,Sun @ 2pm

Adult $18
Students/Seniors/Equity Members $16
Matinees $14


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