Bridge Mix

Ryan Hauser, Chelsea Haberlin and David Benedict Brown tell us why we should get out to

Bridge Mix

9 Theatre Companies + 1 Parking Garage = Bridge Mix

Produced by: ITSAZOO Productions and Enlightenment Theatre

Bridge Mix is a project designed to unify emerging theatre companies through a shared public presentation in a found space in the city of Vancouver. The companies include: ITSAZOO Productions, Enlightenment Theatre, Tiger Milk Collective, Upintheair Theatre, Genus Theatre, Spectral Theatre, Slam Ink, SNAFU, and the Peter and Chris Show. Each company will perform an original, 10-minute installation. The audience will be led through out the parkade to observe how each scene integrates this urban backdrop and converts it into a performance space. Bridge Mix will also feature music and a roving bar.

Each of the pieces will reflect, in some way, the environment in which they are performed: a parking garage in Downtown Vancouver.

For example, Spectral Theatre’s segment, Eastside Ghosts, is about an east Vancouver predator haunted by the ghosts of his victims. It is designed to challenge and confront the audience about the plight of women in the eastside and hopefully create a discussion about empowerment and solutions. The Vancouver comedy duo of Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone will riff on The Soloist. Their piece tells the story of a journalist desperately searching for his own “prophetic bum,” but finding the opposite in a man whose less than epic tale hilariously unfolds for the audience.

ITSAZOO continues to explore the role of the clown in the urban landscape with its first foray into horror.  A young businessman, returning to his car after an office party, finds himself caught in a nightmare scenario when he innocently stomps on a balloon. Unfortunately, the parkade housing his car is populated by sinister clowns who don’t take kindly to stomped balloons.

Finally, Tiger Milk Collective will present a piece about memory, and Enlightenment Theatre will draw inspiration directly from its surroundings by presenting a situation in a parking garage. Which sounds like it might not be a big deal, but is it?

May 6 – 8 & May 11-15 at 8 pm

There will be a pay-what-you-can preview on May 5.

All performances take place at the Metro Parkade, 1070 W Pender St.

Tickets are $14-18, and are available at, or for cash only at the door.


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